First Night at the Star Tavern!

Our first evening in our new home went off brilliantly!

In honour of the new venue Toastmaster Camilla led the meeting with the theme of “wish upon a star” – if you could have one wish come true, what would it be?

Enthusiastic Grammarian  Ian introduced us to the word of the day as infatigable or the more commonly known indefatigable.

Timekeeper Erin kept us all on the mark and captured our attention with some time-related commentary.

Table Topicsmaster Monica kept the Star theme going with questions about various stars in our lives.  Simon Simpson told us about his “star” the perfect pub where it would be all about the company and the beer.  Matt suggested naming a star after Rik Mayall (Matt missed a Tottenham game to be with us!).  Bryant Yates told us about  what shines brightest in his life; having just returned from Perth, enjoying the sun there, and loving the sun in London.  Shane Snow discussed life beyond our earth and decided there must be life out there somewhere, or maybe not!  Trang Le told us why she doesn’t have a favourite popstar. Brad Currin explained that his new star quality is becoming a bionic man since having titanium put in his shoulder from his snowboarding accident.  Lisa imagined what star she would dance with:  Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Andy Garcia???  Alex told us why his favourite Star Wars character is Han Solo.. and secret love for Princess Leia in the gold bikini.  Dorta explained the difference between a 5 star and 1 star hotel and why she likes a place she can feel at home.  Kristie said she gets a gold star for her own mini dragon’s den performance.  Finally, Richard declared himself master of his own destiny.

Laura gave a hilarious, practical and incredibly useful evaluation of the Table Topics.

Richard as our Sargeant at Arms introduced our two fabulous guests for the evening Trang Le and Lisa.

In the second half of the evening we were treated to four speeches.  Steve  told us about his battle between art versus science.  Tom told us why he’s the angriest commuter ever!  Kate gave a rousing speech entitled ‘Saddle up’ linking her years of horseriding to overcoming her fears/barriers.  Miriam closed the prepared speeches with a lovely story called ‘Butterfly Lovers’ from the Storytelling Advanced Manual.

Our very helpful evaluators this evening were Brad for Steve, Bryant for Tom, Shane for Kate and Andy for Miriam.

We welcomed back Ian Baxter our Grammarian who gave out “Baxter bonuses” to everyone who used the word of the day.  This (and his fulsome praise of Laura) won him a President’s award!

To round out the evening, Pemma from London Corinthians gave us a very thorough, truly indefatigable General Evaluation!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again for our next meeting on Wednesday 27 April!



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