Inventions & Soundtracks (22 June 2011)

Great news – since this meeting, we have officially reached the number of members required for charter!!!

For all our fabulous members, this means:

Official club status + banner

Chance to compete in Toastmasters speech contests

and of course….CHARTER PARTY!!!!  So keep Saturday 30 July free in your diaries.  Any party ideas, please send to our PR & Events man Alex Hood (

To recap the meeting itself, President Kristie West opened with the observation that coming to Toastmasters means more that just working on public speaking or leadership skills; more than that it is also about learning to share something about ourselves and what matters to us – and learn how to make it matter to others, too.

Kristie also reminded us to remember our manuals – not just for speeches, but roles too!

Toastmaster Kate Profitt then took over with her theme of “being inventive,” inventions and inventiveness.  Inspired by IBM’s recent 100th birthday, she asked us:  if you could invent something, what would it be and why?

Dorota Pliszka was Timekeeper for the evening.

Alex Hood, our Japanese speaking Grammarian, gave us the word of the day (possibly piggy-backing on Kate?!):  inventive

Table Topics Master Erin Godbold handed out table topics inspired by film soundtracks:

Simon Simpson told us what Takes His Breath Away

Tom Elliott asked if Everything Just Used to be Better with a rose-tinted view of Blackpool holidays

Darius told us that the last 4 years in the UK has been a Magic Carpet Ride

Tarry described how a secret love Made Her a Woman

Trang Le declared she had had the Time of Her Life climbing a mountain

Gary Monk stated that the What God Gave Him was a willingness to do things differently

Richard McMurray creeped us out with tales of who Haunts His Dreams

Andy O’Sullivan wondered Where He Belongs and advised us all to stick with Toastmasters

Kristie West felt she was born in the wrong era and Wants to be Remembered as an 80s singer

Brad Currin evaluated the Table Topics

Sergeant at Arms Richard McMurray welcomed our guests Natalie, Graham, Dennis, Jason, Andy, Ola, David and Damien


Matt Pollard – Speech No 2:  Advertising is dead; long live post-marketing

  • Evaluted by Trang Le

Gary Monk – Speech No 2:  The problem with advertising

  • Evaluated by Steve Hayward

Camilla Graham – Speech No 9:  Attack of the clipboard clones

  • Evaluated by Shane Snow

Monica Chong – Speech No 10(!!!!):  On top of the world

  • Evaluated by Laura McCracken


General Evaluator Ola Aralepo advised that the Table Topics Master should not use notes….indeed Ola had so much great advice that he broke the horn!


  • Table Topics:  Tom Elliott
  • Evaluator:  Shane Snow
  • Speech:  Camilla Graham
  • President’s Award:  Dorota Pliszka
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