No 10, Challenges and McDonalds

Congratulations to everyone for another great meeting at “The Star” last night, I know it was nice a summery evening.

First of all we wish to thank Tom Elliott for becoming our first Competent Communicator for the club since it all began over a year ago. Well done Tom, great speech about facing your fears one step at a time.

Bryant Yates our new Vice President of Education did an improv educational talk. As a club Bryant wants us to:

  • Decide and get your names down for at least 2 more speeches before the end of the year. Speak to Bryant to get yourself on the speech program.
  • Get involved in the Competent Leadership Program, bring your manual and start getting it signed off when you do a role at the club.
  • Look and approach someone in the club to become your mentor.
  • For more experienced toastmasters Bryant wants you to have a SIMP – Speech In My Pocket ready.

Amanda who was our Topic’s Evaluator last night spoke about a great way to make more eye contact with your audience. Use the McDonalds technique. I had never heard about this technique before either. Look at front left, look at the back left, then the middle, then the back right and then the front right of your audience , just like the letter M. This will take practice.

In future news we will be having our first pub crawl, so watch this space.

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