26 March – Phoenix Speakers Meeting Highlights

Bryant kicked off the 26 March meeting with a reminder that the Phoenix Committee Elections are coming up. If you are interested in putting yourself forward for a role then please let him know.

Isabel was the Toastmaster for the evening. She asked everyone what their Toastmaster goal was for the year and reminded everyone that we are already one quarter through the year! So it is time to take action and start accomplishing your goals.

Bronagh took on her first role at Phoenix Speakers, serving as timekeeper for the evening. She explained the role and emphasised the importance of keeping to time during meetings.

The Grammarian, Alexis, reminded us about the importance of the words we use and set a rather strange word as the word of the day, Fantod which means emotional outbursts or the fidgets. Fortunately, everyone rose to the challenge and it was used throughout the meeting.

Everyone was treated to a hilarious set of table topics, which were handed out by Bryant, Table Topicsmaster. He challenged everyone to get out of their comfort zone and tell some lies during the Table Topics. We were treated to James telling us about the high literary values of Katie Price’s books, Elaine telling about avoiding children and Tarry telling us about the lies people tell on their CVs.

Jean-Phillipe, Table Topics Evaluator, concisely reviewed everyone’s performance and encouraged us to use the stage and to think about our stance when speaking. Then Caroline, Sergeant at Arms, introduced the six guests and welcomed them to the club.

After the break, Bryant reminded everyone about the District Competition on 12 April and to pay your membership dues for the year!

Then it was time for the speeches, we had impromptu speeches from Atul and Isabel and a prepared speech from Ed. Ed told us about his love of meat but also the importance of its provenance. He encouraged us to respect and remember where the meat comes from. Atul gave a very motivating speech about forgetting our goals and encouraging us to reach for our desires instead. Isabel had a very amusing story about her family reunions which left everyone crying from laughter.

Then, we had a very interesting and encouraging set of speech evaluations from Tarry, James and Beulah. They emphasised the importance of vocal variety and eye contact.

Bryant saved the best for last when he acted as General Evaluator for the evening, offering some very insightful feedback and areas to improve for all the participants. Then it was time for the awards, Isabel won Best Speech, Beulah won Best Evaluator and James won Best Table Topic.

Overall, it was a very amusing evening. We look forward to seeing you all on 9 April. If you are interested in participating then act quick because there are only a few roles left!

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