Phoenix Meeting 11 June 2014

Ed was acting President for the evening and for all the guests in the room he explained the competent communicator and leadership manuals, letting everyone know about the great skills that can be gained by working through the various topics and speeches.

John was the Timekeeper and had a very amusing start to the evening, reminding us about the importance of time, especially when we are giving speeches.

Simon was the Topic’s master. He talked about how we use visual aids, saying that they should be an aide not something we read from. For each of the topics, he had a picture to use as a visual aid.  We were treated to some amusing topics, such as Trang not quite knowing who Prince Charles was, Bronagh telling us about the friendly hippos and alligators in the photo and how this relates to her shopping habits as well as some more serious ones such as Ed telling us about demonstrations in Egypt.

Tarry was the Topic’s Evaluator. She encouraged everyone to step out of their comfort zone and to try new things during their table topic. She also highlighted the importance of having a good stance and eye contact..

Sergeant at Arms was Bronagh who introduced the seven guests that we had. A number of the guests said they were planning on joining! Go Phoenix!

After the break we had a few announcements:

Notice: we are at risk of becoming homeless, to help keep the pub happy we need to generate more bar revenue. Please come to the meetings hungry and thirsty!

Then we were treated to prepared speeches from Grant, Jamie and Alexis. Grant discussed the future prospects for LNG gas, Jamie explained that for your friends, family and loved ones to know the real you, you need to tell the truth and Alexis focused her 10th speech on encouraging people to reach for their dreams.

The evaluations were completed by Trang, Beulah and Atul. The reminded us about the importance of rhetorical questions to involve the audience in your speech. They also discussed how to convey emotion and persuasion in your speech through pauses and variations in vocal speed and volume.

The grammarian, Caroline, highlighted the good uses of grammar in the meeting. She also reminded us to think about the language we use and reflect on it.

The General Evaluator was Richard, he complemented on the evaluators on their fantastic evaluations.

Then suddenly it was the end of the evening and Alexis received her competent communicator award for finishing her first ten speeches.

-Best table topics went to Jamie
-Best evaluation went to Atul
-Best speech went to Alexis

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on 25 June 2014. 

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