Meeting update, Wednesday 23 July, 2014

Our President Ed kicked off our Wednesday meeting, his second in charge.  He outlined the purpose of Phoenix Speakers and how we can benefit by being members, with an unusual reference to hole digging!
Next on stage was Tarry, our Toastmaster for the evening.  Tarry explained her role as host for the evening and then introduced Victoria as the Timekeeper.  This was Victoria’s first time as timekeeper and she did a great job!   

Next Tarry introduced our Grammarian for the evening, Bryant.  This was Bryant’s first role since stepping down as president.  Bryant explained the role and set our word of the day as ‘’soporific”.  He even explained the Latin root of the word which obviously inspired everyone as it was a very well used word of the day.

David was then introduced as the Topics Master for the first half of the evening.  David had a bag of mystery items and challenged us to describe them as if we did not know what they were – it was very difficult and interesting to see how people handled this.  David changed things halfway through and asked us to try to sell/advertise the items that we picked out.  Brilliantly two guests also stepped up to do topics!  David obviously went to a lot of effort preparing for his table topics session – so our thanks go to him.

Jean Phillippe evaluated each topic, which is a tough role because of the number of speakers and the fact that they only speak for 90 seconds and have no chance to prepare.

Elaine was acting as our sergeant at arms for the evening.  She introduced five guests including a president from a club in Japan!  After the guests said hello Elaine encouraged them to give their details and join our mailing list.

We then had a 15 minutes break and enjoyed some refreshments and some snacks.

After the break Ed opened the second half. And Tarry introduced two pre-prepared speeches.

Roland’s speech was first and he told us about his journeys throughout India.  Isabel was second up with a repeat of a speech she had given before on how to do evaluations.  It almost became a workshop and many people were actually taking notes as Isabel spoke.  Beulah and Bronough then gave insightful evaluations of the speeches by Roland and Isabel respectively.

Byrant gave his Grammarian’s report, and had so many observations that he just ran out of time!  Then Grant, our General Evaluator, gave his evaluation of the club and all of those who hadn’t been evaluated.  He also took the opportunity to ask members to consider going to other clubs to give general evaluations.

Ed closed out by presenting the prizes. Grant and Roland shared the topics prize, Isabel won best speech and Bronough won best evaluation!  To The Bar!

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