Meeting Minutes 24th September 2014

Wednesday was a special night at Phoenix Speakers – it was our humorous speech and table topics contest night.  This was reflected in a bumper attendance of 30 people including participants, judges, guests and members who turned out to support (and some of whom had unexpected topics to answer).

 Bryant our immediate past President was also our acting President for the night because our President Ed was unavailable.  He explained to the guests that it was a different night from normal.  He then introduced Beulah who was the contest chair for the evening.  Beulah’s role was to run the contest and she talked everyone through the formalities.

 She then introduced the table topics competition.  There were seven participants and all were asked to answer the same topic “A little white lie is sometimes necessary”.

 Grant went first and spoke about white lies to protect someone’s feelings or get yourself out of trouble.  Caroline gave us a story about taking part in a cabaret and closed by saying honesty is the best policy.  Isabel told us about lying about not going back to university in order to get herself a bar job.  Roland told us about lying to his wife saying she looked good when she looked like she had been pulled backwards through a hedge.  Atul told us about when he lied about buying his step-daughter sweets and lying about why he was late coming home because he’d been drinking with friends.  Simon told us that white lies were a necessary part of being a politician and finally Richard told us about lying about figures in an engineering project.

 The counters then left the room to count the judges votes.  While they did this Beulah surprised Bryant, David and George with non-competition table topics.

 When then had a break and time to enjoy some drinks and some food.

 Bryant quickly opened the second half and Beulah introduced the second half of the contest, the humorous speech competition.  Isabel, Roland and Atul then gave us three pre-prepared (and funny) speeches.

 Isabel told us about her annual  family reunion in the first week of September.  The weekend contains nudist leap-frog and a murder game.  She finished with a serious message about losing such memories if we do everything on social media.  Roland tried to convince us of the need for a toastmasters anthem like the Austria broadcasting Corporation.  Finally Atul gave us some slightly nefarious tips on how to guarantee space and a seat on the tube.  Three very funny speeches and there was much laughter.

 Whilst the counters counted the votes, Beulah asked Anne, joining us from Grosvenor Speakers, to do another table topic.

Then, the big moment….Bryant and Brad presented to everyone who competed a certificate of participation. Then they announced the winners

 Table topics:

1st – Isabel

2nd – Roland

3rd – Isabel

 Humorous speech:

1st – Atul

2nd – Roland

 Well done to them and everyone else who entered! The top 2 in each category will be representing us at Olympians in the Area Contest on Monday at the Grange Strathmore Hotel, 41 Queen’s Gate Gardens, London SW7 5NB at 7pm.  Please go along and support.

 A big thank-you to Beulah for organising.  See you on Wednesday 8th October for the next club meeting – a normal one this time.

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