Meeting Minutes 28th January 2015

Yesterday was our second meeting of the year, and it was a good turnout, 22 attendees including 7 guests.

 Unfortunately it was a tough start because the pub had double booked our room and so we had to struggle to evict a large number of young Brazilian language students.  This was only our second meeting at the new venue and this is just a teething problem.  Well done to Elaine and Ed (and others) for sorting out the issue so quickly, in the end we only started 15 minutes late.

 President Ed  then kicked off the evening with a quicker than normal address to help get us back on time.

Roland was our toastmaster for the evening and he described his role as being the person who hands over the invisible microphone from speaker to speaker.  Ironically he got honked for running over time just as he introduced VanZyl as our time keeper for the evening.  VanZyl introduced his role, and in a change from the normal timekeeper intro he went on to give us three interesting facts about time.

Next Roland introduced our Grammarian for the evening, Charlotte.  Charlotte explained the role and that it didn’t come naturally for her because she is dyslexic.  She also set “resplendent” as the word for the day.

John then came on to stage because he was our topics master for the evening.  He pulled the topics at random from his pocket and set our members (and 2 guests!) the challenge of impromptu speaking.  We had 8 topics in the end which was a great achievement given the delayed start.  After the voting and timekeeper’s report, Shane then provided insightful evaluations of all topics.  

 To close off the first half of the meeting, our Sergeant At Arms Elaine came on to stage.  She introduced our seven guests guests and asked them to explain why there were visiting us and where they were from.  Katie, Brage, Elam, Victor, Alice and both Jakes, thank-you for joining us and we all hope to see you again (and apologies if I spelled your name wrong)!

After a 15 minute break Ed introduced the second half with two club announcements:

·         We are having a competition night on 25 March, please contact Elaine if your are interested in giving a speech or an evaluation.

·        Welcome to our brand new members, Mike, Emma and VanZyl.

 Roland then returned to stage and introduced the three prepared speeches for the evening.

The first speech was speech #6 from Grant who told us about the story of his 2 years in Toastmasters so far.  Jean-Philippe was next giving his speech #9 ‘Secular State For Freedom’.  (And a special well done to JP for pushing through all the disturbance while the food was being brought out.)  The third speech was an advanced speech from Atul in which he gave us tips on how to make cold calling work.

 Following the timekeepers report, Caroline, Trang and Beulah gave evaluations of the three speeches which were followed again by another timekeeper’s report.

 Charlotte then gave her Grammarian report and she noticed that her word of the day had been used 10 times.  Following this Alice, our General Evaluator from Cass, gave her evaluation of everyone on the programme who had not yet been evaluated.

 After Roland signed off, Ed returned to the stage to close the meeting.  Before doing so he handed out the prizes for the evening.  Well done to Jake (best table topic), Atul (best speech) and Trang (best evaluator).  Ed then wrapped up in traditional style by ordering us all to the bar.

 The next meeting is on Wednesday 11 February, and this time will definitely kick off at 7pm.  Hope to see you then.

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