Meeting Notes 11th February 2015

Last Wednesday was our third meeting of 2015, and it was the busiest meeting we have had for a long time with 33 members, including 13 guests.

President Ed then kicked off the evening stating that he had a new objective to be brief.  He explained the concept and aims of toastmasters to our many guests. 

Isabel was our toastmaster for the evening and she started us off by demanding a loud rousing applause.  She briefly explained her role as the person who runs and coordinated the meeting and she set the theme of the evening as motivation.  Isabel’s first act was to introduce Georgie as our timekeeper for the evening.  Isabel explained that Georgie is motivated by the music of Nerd (??), *Quick google*, turns out it should be N.E.R.D..  Georgie explained the timekeeper’s role.  Georgie is a new member and this was her first time acting as a functionary for the meeting, so well done to her.

Isabel next introduced our Grammarian for the evening, Jean Philippe.  He explained the role and set “procrastinate” as the word of the day.

Atul was next up on stage as our topics master for the evening.  Isabel said that in all her time at Phoenix she had never seen Atul as topics master and the same is true for me.  Atul started by saying that he was going to make some guests come up and speak and he was true to his word, of the 7 table topics, 3 were taken by guests.

Georgie returned to the stage after the topics and gave her first timekeepers report of the evening whilst we voted for our favourite topic.  Elaine then came to stage and provided insightful evaluations of all seven table topic speakers.  

One O’clock, two O’clock, Three O’clock rock!  Next up on stage was Roland who proceeded to sing his motivational song.  He explained his role as Sergeant At Arms and then started with the tough job of getting through the introductions of all of our guests.  In the move away from the normal, he asked each guest to tell us what their favourite toy was as a child.  Lorna, Color, Tor, Pasquale, Kaveh, Joshua, Wendy, Ian, Juan, Arabella, George, Fahad and the lady from Uzbekistan whose name I missed, thank-you for joining us and we all hope to see you again!  I am confident of only about 6 names spellings there, so you can correct me next time you visit!

After a 15 minute drink and snacks break Ed introduced the second half with an announcement about the competition night on 25 March, please contact Elaine if your are interested in giving a speech or an evaluation.

Isabel then returned to stage and introduced the four prepared speeches for the evening.

The first speech was a guest speech.  Jirina Andrews joined us from Olympians Club and she gave us her speech #7 on the perils of drug use.  Well done to Jirina for stretching herself by talking at a new club.  The second speech was from Richard  who gave us his speech #9 on the importance of using the toastmasters competent leadership manual.  The third speech was an advanced speech from Shane called ‘The Beautiful and the Damned’ which was the practise of a toast he has to give at a coming party.  Please honk if you actually read these meeting notes I type out after every meeting.  The final speech was from Bryant who told us about his SMART goal to lose weight.

Following the timekeepers report, Grant, Caroline, Ed and Simon gave evaluations of the four speeches which were followed again by another timekeeper’s report.  Jean Philippe then gave his Grammarian report.  Following this Kaveh, our General Evaluator, gave his evaluation of everyone on the programme who had not yet been evaluated.

After Isabel signed off, Ed returned to the stage to close the meeting.  Before doing so he handed out the prizes for the evening.  Well done to Elaine (best evaluator) and Bryant who did the double with both best speech and best evaluator.  Ed then wrapped up in traditional style by ordering us all to the bar.

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