Meeting Notes – 28th October 2015


Our President Isabel warmly welcomed all to our second meeting in the lovely Grange Wellington Hotel.  As Toastmaster, Atul guided us deftly through the agenda of a great evening with both existing members and adventurous guests joining in for a selection of artfully delivered table topics (spookily conjured up by our Topics Master, Simon, with a Halloween theme) and four enticing speeches. The word for the evening, “tenacity”, was brought to you by our Grammarian, Trang. The Time Keeper, Mike, added to the Halloween feel by judicious use of the timing lights.

Table topics covered:

  • Isabel’s intriguing verbal imagery combining parties, fondues and Tony Blair
  • Why Trick-or-Treating is wonderful on-the-job training for youngsters in the subtle art of extortion in the view of Roland
  • Zola’s tactics for responding to extortion by making the children happy
  • Shane’s thesis on why parsnips are the best killer vegetable to be when the edible plants of the world rise up
  • 70s style disco-cide was David’s Plan B to respond to the attack of the Zombies
  • Bettina described why Halloween-themed parties and Cologne festivals are the scariest things that have happened to her
  • We were left with mouth-watering visions of Beulah’s favourite festive dish, the Brack cake
  • Kate evaluated the question of whether Guy Fawkes was a terrorist or religious freedom fighter in the context of overzealous pre-fireworks night preparations by local children
  • and Elaine answered whether spirits exist by sharing evidence of the ghoulish gloating that makes London the ghost capital of the world.

Roland then hogged the lime light for a while, introducing our guests and evaluating the table topics.

After the break we moved on to four speeches:

  • First from Kate a speech number 5 (“your body speaks”) which opened the audience’s eyes to the significance and geopolitics of the gas and oil industry.
  • Next was Elaine’s speech number 4 (“how to say it”) with a 21st century update on “How To Be British” delivering a trio of memorable phrases: “cheek-to-cheek”, “hand-in-hand” and “heart-to-heart”.
  • Ed then delivered his “Cheap Fit” speech number 9 (“persuade with power”), on how overweight we are as a nation and what each of us can do to remedy this.
  • Lastly was Richard’s advanced storytelling speech, an uplifting tale of how one individual at General Electric turned MRI scanners from beasts of dread for children requiring their sedation to an “again, again” telly tubby experience.

We then had s set of eloquently delivered speech evaluations from Lauren, Beulah, Ian and Georgie.

Trang then gave her grammarian’s report followed by the overall meeting review from Barry our General Evaluator for the evening. Thanks to Barry for joining us.

Last, but not least, Isabel:

  • announced the winners of the evening’s endeavours: Elaine taking the table topics and speech prizes and Ian clinching the evaluator award.
  • reminded us that November is bring-a-friend month.
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