Meeting Notes – 11th November 2015

Isabel, our president, opened the 11 November meeting in her usual enthusiastic way and spoke of Justin Trudeaux, the Canadian Prime Minister as an inspiration for public speakers.

Richard was the toastmaster of the evening, and after explaining the structure of the meeting he revealed the theme of the evening:  people that inspire us to speak.

The timekeeper of the night was Grant, who feels inspired to speak by a very eloquent little girl.

Georgie was the Grammarian of the evening and, after going through the words of the year, revealed her chosen word for the evening, “intractable” (unmanageable, stubborn).

The table topics session was in the hands of Roland, the Table topics master for the evening, who feels inspired by one of our most experienced members, Atul.  Roland wanted all topic speakers to reveal their true self and for that purpose he exposed each speaker to one of the ink images in the Rorschach test, to which speakers had to say what associations the image brought to them.  For the sake of confidentiality I will not reveal the interesting discoveries about our members …

Simon, inspired by Tony Blair, was the table topics evaluator for the evening.

To end the first part of the meeting, Azar, the Sergeant at Arms inspired by Donald Duck, welcomed the 3 guests in the usual friendly fashion.

After the break, Isabel opened the second part of the meeting and announced the imminent signing of the contract with our fabulous new venue!  She also mentioned that as a result of that there will be a small membership fee increase.

Next Isabel encouraged everyone to attend the stand up comedy graduation event on 22 November, where three Phoenix members: Azar, Ian and Trang will be participating as part of their graduation from a stand up comedy course they have completed.

The prepared speeches were:

  • Bettina, inspired by Swiss people, with a speech #3 entitled “21 day challenge” without moaning.
  • VanZyl, inspired by Obama, with a speech #4 entitled “How to give constructive criticism”
  • Ana, inspired by toastmasters, with a speech #7 entitled “Brain matters”, about Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Beulah, inspired by Isabel, with a speech on mentoring, in which she spoke about the new mentoring programme for Phoenix and the advantages of mentoring both for mentees and mentors.

Ian, inspired by Winston Churchill, evaluated Bettina.  Mike, inspired by Tony Benn, evaluated VanZyl.  Bryant stepped in to evaluate Ana.  Elaine, inspired by Merryl Streep, evaluated Beulah.

The general evaluator of the night was Charlotte, who evaluated everyone who had not yet been evaluated.

And finally, well done to the winners of the night, who were:

  • Georgie for best table topics speaker
  • Bryant for best evaluator
  • Bettina for best prepared speech

Next meeting will be on 25 November, same time, same place.


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