A good boss, Bitcoin and Orange is not the new black.

“The DANGER for most of us lies in NOT setting our aims TOO HIGH and FALLING short. But setting our aims TOO LOW and ACHIEVING our marks”

Trang, the president opened the meeting with her inspiring quote. She encouraged members and guests to learn about speech delivery through Toastmasters. Consequently one can confidently deliver their best man speech, or an important business pitch or a presentation at work with conviction.

Shane, Phoenix Speaker’s immediate past president, led the meeting effortlessly with his motivational theme of members’ favorite quotations.

In the 1st half of the meeting, Anna spiced up the impromptu speaking session by spontaneously picking out four random words from her bag; she asked members to speak about those words. The best table topic speaker went to Brad, who had to link the terms: believe, apple, travel, and winter. He somehow was able to even refer to the previous speakers and said that: ‘The Queen would like to become a fisherman’.

During the 2nd part of the meeting, Anne started the prepared section with her Ice Breaker (Project 1 of the competent communicator manual) titled: My Ireland, My London, My Sport. She won the best-prepared speech of the evening with her humor, sincerity, and friendliness. Right after Anne, Ivana entertained the audience with the speech number 2: How to be a good boss. The common traits are to recognise their employees’ contribution, to inspire their employees and to lead by example. Next up, Georgie informed the audience with her speech on Bitcoin, a topical issue. Finally, Brad inspired the audience with his speech: Orange is not the new black. He praised the president Barack Obama for his achievements, especially his philosophy: putting 1% towards your goals and habits every single day.

Looking forward to seeing you on 14 Feb 2018.

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