London rental market, from 0 to 30 and which paths to take

Trang, the president, opened the meeting with her observations when she started her toastmaster journey a couple of years ago. She found the contradictions between the British and American culture when following the program. However, Trang made the best out of it, despite being from neither country. She encouraged the audience and guests to take that first step overcoming their fear of public speaking.

Caroline, the Toastmaster of the day, chose a theme of new beginnings. It wasn’t long since she was once a guest; now she’s running the show. The key to her achievement is preparation, preparation, and preparation. Drawing from her journey, to focus on the here and now is better than to fear the future and to regret the past. She made the audience reflect on their journeys.

In the 1st half of the meeting, Bryant, a seasoned toastmaster, chose a wide range of topics: from the New Royal Air Force, the National Health System, Brexit, and positivity. The members from Phoenix and guests handled these questions extremely well. However, there was only one winner; Tom who talked about the love and hate relationship between himself and the NHS in the UK.

In the 2nd half of the meeting, George entertained the audience with his experience in renting in London. As a native American, he had lived there almost all his life, only moved to London last year. He enjoyed his life here until Dec 27 when the landlord gave him notice to move out. George didn’t read the small print carefully enough. Needless to say, after numerous mishaps of looking for a place which any Londoner would understand him, he found a wonderful place to stay right in the heard of London. George won the best speech of the evening.

Another Ice Breaker from Jeremy with the speech titled “From 0 to 30”. With his humor and sincerity, he charmed the audience with stories of his childhood, his adolescence year and his life at the moment. From a little boy being sidelined by his father, he made amazing friends at university and now is confident in his career choice. He didn’t regret any part of it. Next up, Shimi from London Cardinals informed the audience about Pathways, the new educational programme at Toastmaster.

The best evaluator went to Paul, a guest speaker from another club.

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