Throw away your fancy watches; get busy living and a dream start-up

Trang, President of the club, started the meeting by sharing her experience in delivering a wedding speech. She was very nervous but thanks to all the practice she’s received from Toastmasters, she delivered it with ease and even entertained the audience. From this experience, Trang inspired the audience to practice public speaking at the club as often as possible.

Simon Northridge then led the meeting effortlessly even though it was his first time doing the role at Phoenix Speakers.

In the 1st half of the meeting Mike, the Table Topic Master presented the audience with amusing questions about the wisest thing, the best free experience or the most amazing thing that they discovered. The best table topic went to Grant, who spoke about the worst chat up line he has ever heard.

In the 2nd half of the meeting, Tom informed the audience about the rising experience industry all over the world. He started with what the trend’s driven by, the development of the industry now and in the future. It was followed by a speech titled “Get busy living or get busy dying” by another new member Xavier. He bravely admitted to the audience that he has a stutter when he was young. He has worked tirelessly to overcome it. Continually improvement is what he would like to keep doing all his life. He even joins the army as a reserve in order to serve. With this inspiring icebreaker, he won the best speaker award of the evening. Lastly, Ana took a Phoenix Challenge taking about her dream startup. She spoke about her concerns with the crime rate in London. As a consequence, she would start a business helping ex-prisoners get a job in the wider world, profit is of secondary importance to this startup.

The best evaluator award went to Grant, who evaluated Xavier’s speech.

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