Toastmasters in action – in spite of football semi-finals

Roland, the president of the club, recalled his time at the Wembley Arena listening to Boris Johnson’s speech about Brexit – an example of the power of motivating speeches – although not everybody will like the effect it had. Roland later probed the ethical boundaries of genetic engineering in a speech entitled “Making a designer baby”.

Trang, the toastmaster of the day, brought energy to the meeting and also served as speech evaluator.

Caroline, the table topic master, came up with a series of postcards which the audience were to describe. What an interesting way to run an impromptu speaking session! It allowed speakers to freely express their opinions, their thoughts and feelings toward the topic. Yungchin, a guest, expressed her love for travel. To her, a quotation from Saint Augustine captured her view: The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.

Roland talked about the world seen with or without glasses – and filled with birds, Easter eggs, butterflies, and cupcakes. George, a Toastmaster from Switzerland, changed his view completely from the time he lived next to a forest in Germany to the time he spent living in cities. Richard, another guest, told the time when he was in a songwriting society in his youth. Basically, about making a new acquaintance, he advised the audience to stick with somebody at their ages and to not give out their phone numbers to somebody whom they don’t know. To Valerie, a first-time guest from Germany, who spent some months farming in Japan, love is a gamble.

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