Best man, Judgement day and Observation trip

Mike, the standing president, opened the meeting with introduction of Toastmaster International. He highlighted the benefit of joining public speaking clubs in London and encouraged the audience to try it out themselves.

In the 1st half of the meeting, Ivana, the table topic master, asked the audience a series of questions related to summer. For example, to Aaron, his most favourite outdoor activity is swimming in a lake in the UK. With the climate change, Robert, a civil servant, admitted that he had no whatsoever a clue about the subject but he trusted the experts’ views on the matter. Xavier told his best summer holiday he has ever been on. He went to Las Vegas with 15 of his friends on a road trip during which he enjoyed the culture, the people and the stunning landscape. To Josh, one of the best places to go in summer in the UK is northern Scotland where he went on a fishing trip but caught no fish. Figor, the best table topic speaker of the evening, offered his tip on how to stay cool in summer. Plain and simple, take a cold shower if you cannot go to the seaside.

In the 2nd half of the meeting, Jeremy started with his best man speech for his friend, Sam. He was challenged to do that speech because his friend knew how much Jeremy hated public speaking. Using his vivid descriptive language, Jeremy talked about how his friend had a grumpy old man face when he was irritated at little things, how his attempted to be an actor failed but remained an entertainer and how he was good at his job. Oddly, even now, as a grown man, Sam still uses a comfort blanket full of blue tag.

Figor, a guest speaker shared his experience finding himself through his development journey. He guided the audience through their bad and good experiences. To Figor, acceptance and love were the solutions to tons of problems. Finally, Mohammed entertained the audience with his speech about observations. Being a teacher originally, he liked to observe people, objects, incidents, happening around him. He compared conversations overheard on the underground to live Coronation Street or how he suspected the fashion industry was determined to make women’s life more difficult with their amazing fashion styles.

The best speaker award went to Jeremy. The best evaluator award went to Mike.

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