Competent Leadership

The Competent Leadership (CL) Programme is the main leadership programme in Toastmasters. It teaches you principles of leadership and enables you to practice them in a supportive environment.

Members work through the manual at their own speed, completing individual projects by taking on a variety of roles at the meetings and running the club.

There are ten projects in the leadership programme manual.

Leadership project Objectives
    1. Listening and Leadership
  • Determine your current listening skills
  • Identify the seven steps to better listening
  • Practice listening skills in various meeting roles.
    2. Critical Thinking
  • Determine your current critical thinking skills
  • Practice critical-thinking skills in various meeting roles.
    3. Giving Feedback
  • Determine your current skills in giving feedback
  • Identify the steps in giving feedback effectively, Practice giving feedback as you serve in various meeting roles.
    4. Time Management
  • Determine your current time-management skills
  • Identify steps to effectively manage time
  • Practice time-management skills in various club roles.
    5. Planning and Implementing
  • Determine your current planning and implementation skills
  • Identify steps in planning and implementation process
  • Practice planning and implementation skills in various club roles.
    6. Organising and Delegating
  • Determine your current skills in organising and delegating
  • Identify steps in the organisation and delegation process
  • Practice skills in organising and delegation during various club roles.
    8. Developing Your Facilitation Skills
  • Determine your present facilitation abilities
  • Identify facilitation strategies
  • Practice facilitation skills in various meeting roles.
    9. Motivating People
  • Determine your current motivational skills
  • Identify conditions that motivate people
  • Practice motivational skills while serving in club roles.
    9. Mentoring
  • Determine your current mentoring skills Identify the steps in being a good mentor Practice mentoring skills in various club roles.
    10. Team Building
  • Determine your current team-building skills
  • Identify the steps in building a team Practice team-building skills while serving in various club roles.