Competent Leadership

The Competent Leadership (CL) Programme is the main leadership programme in Toastmasters. It teaches you principles of leadership and enables you to practice them in a supportive environment.

Members work through the manual at their own speed, completing individual projects by taking on a variety of roles at the meetings and running the club.

There are ten projects in the leadership programme manual.

Leadership project Objectives
    1. Listening and Leadership
  • Determine your current listening skills
  • Identify the seven steps to better listening
  • Practice listening skills in various meeting roles.
    2. Critical Thinking
  • Determine your current critical thinking skills
  • Practice critical-thinking skills in various meeting roles.
    3. Giving Feedback
  • Determine your current skills in giving feedback
  • Identify the steps in giving feedback effectively, Practice giving feedback as you serve in various meeting roles.
    4. Time Management
  • Determine your current time-management skills
  • Identify steps to effectively manage time
  • Practice time-management skills in various club roles.
    5. Planning and Implementing
  • Determine your current planning and implementation skills
  • Identify steps in planning and implementation process
  • Practice planning and implementation skills in various club roles.
    6. Organising and Delegating
  • Determine your current skills in organising and delegating
  • Identify steps in the organisation and delegation process
  • Practice skills in organising and delegation during various club roles.
    8. Developing Your Facilitation Skills
  • Determine your present facilitation abilities
  • Identify facilitation strategies
  • Practice facilitation skills in various meeting roles.
    9. Motivating People
  • Determine your current motivational skills
  • Identify conditions that motivate people
  • Practice motivational skills while serving in club roles.
    9. Mentoring
  • Determine your current mentoring skills Identify the steps in being a good mentor Practice mentoring skills in various club roles.
    10. Team Building
  • Determine your current team-building skills
  • Identify the steps in building a team Practice team-building skills while serving in various club roles.
  • Where

    We meet at the Department for Transport at Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 4DR (see map).

    Nearby underground stations are Pimlico, St. James's Park and Victoria.

    Non Member Guests

    Civil servants with a Common Access Pass or staff of public bodies working with DfT are welcome to attend. Known colleagues and friends of existing DfT staff can attend if signed in by that DfT member of staff and escorted at all times by that DfT member of staff.
  • When

    We meet every second and fourth Wednesday of each month (except December). Assemble in reception of Great Minister House at 18.15 to sign-in for a start at 18:30.

    Next meeting Wed 10th Jul