Club Secretary

Alexis’ thoughts on being Club Secretary

Q: Why did you do it?

A: I wanted to be more involved in toastmasters and to contribute to the club.

Q: What did you imagine the role would be?

A: I thought secretary would be quote boring and only take notes at a few meetings each year.

Q: So how did the role turn out?

A: It was actually much more interesting than I thought. There is club officer training which gives you an opportunity to meet other clubs and see a different side of toastmasters. If you have an idea or thoughts on the club organisation then you can get involved and help out. I enjoyed suggesting and implementing the meeting write ups.

Q: So what are your views after having done the role?

A: It has opened my eyes to another side of toastmasters and it has also highlighted my leadership talents and goals.

  • Where

    We meet at the Department for Transport at Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 4DR (see map).

    Nearby underground stations are Pimlico, St. James's Park and Victoria.

    Non Member Guests

    Civil servants with a Common Access Pass or staff of public bodies working with DfT are welcome to attend. Known colleagues and friends of existing DfT staff can attend if signed in by that DfT member of staff and escorted at all times by that DfT member of staff.
  • When

    We meet every second and fourth Wednesday of each month (except for the second meeting in December, because of Christmas). Assemble in reception of Great Minister House at 18.15 to sign-in for a start at 18:30.

    Next meeting Wed 23rd Oct