Meeting Notes – 14th March 2018

We had a great evening with our International Speech Competition and Evaluation Competition events taking place.


International Speech Winners, Shane and Roland, along with Competition Judge, Bryant and Club President Trang


Trang with Shane, Roland and Bettina from the Evaluation Competition


Trang with Shane, Roland and Bettina from the Evaluation Competition




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Meeting Notes 28 Feb 2018

Roland, the Standing President, opened the meeting, encouraged members to attend the competition event on 14 March and invited them to Shimi Loo’s presentation on Pathways on 28 March.

Mike, the Toastmaster of the Day, chose the theme of Spring as a topic – a humorous choice, as this was surely one of the coldest days of the year and much of the railway system was paralysed by snow.

Anne, the Table Topics Master, centred the table topics session around childhood memories. This evoked a rich collection of stories from tree-climbing in early childhood to binging on sweets.

In the second half of the meeting, Bryan presented his Icebreaker, describing his life in Durban, South Africa, where people switch on the heating when temperatures drop below 16 degrees, in the US and in Australia. Ana provided a detailed and appreciative  evaluation of Bryan’s speech.

Anna, guest speaker at Phoenix, told about her Big Fat Guatemalan Wedding, a real event that is to take place in about one month time – with her as the bride. Loving details about her future husband mixed with vivid travel adventures in Middle America. She was evaluated by Caroline, who won the award for the best evaluation.

During the break, three new members joined Phoenix Speakers.

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Meeting notes – 14 Feb 2018

The standing president, Roland opened the meeting with a compelling story of Demosthenes. Even though underage, had no formal training, did not have a privileged background and suffered from the speech impediment, he trained hard. He used unusual methods like having pebbles in his mouth, ran then recited poems; scream against the sea to perfect his speaking skills. He became an influential statesman despite his circumstance. Learning from the story of Demosthenes, Roland encouraged members and guests to take steps towards their dreams.

Brad, Toastmaster of the day, chose the theme of Valentine, with a smile on his face.

Liz, the Table Topics Master, had a memorable Valentine story when she received a bouquet of flowers from a stranger on Kings road. She then led the impromptu section effortlessly with questions related to love. The best topic speaker of the evening went to Ivana, talking about the greatest love of her life. Ivana told a moving story with admiration about her Mum, who is a strong woman despite having a turbulent childhood.

In the second half of the meeting, Roscoe opened with a speech number three of the competent communicator manual about the Growth Mind Set. He informed the audience of the two types of Mindsets: growth or fixed. He concluded his speech with positive notes: people can learn and get anything they want; they learn best when they are at their edge, they need to ignore the negative voice in their heads. To him, people are not born with certain skills but they are built through beliefs and actions. Simon, the evaluator for Roscoe’s speech, won the best evaluator of the evening.

Roland bravely took on a Phoenix challenge on the topic of Valentine’s day and whether it is overrated. He only had time from the start of the meeting until his speech slot to prepare a speech. He entertained the audience with Valentine day in the several countries where he has been. Ultimately, he tried to persuade the audience of the meaning of Valentine. However, the majority of the audience still voted that Valentine is overrated.

See you again on the 28 Feb. 

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