Meeting – Wednesday 27th November

Our last official meeting before the club Christmas meal and the Christmas break. As the evening’s Toastmaster, Jean Philippe helped us enter the festive season by setting a Christmassy theme for the meeting. Isabel carried this on with Christmas inspired table topics: real v. synthetic Christmas, mince pies v. Christmas pudding, best v. worst present.

Jane introduced everyone to a new word: felicitous. She picked it as she likes the way it rolls off the tongue and for its meaning: marked by happiness. Five people agreed with her and weaved it into their speeches. Tarry gave a fantastic speech on the differences between the Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y and their different relationships with modern media. Shane used the meeting as an opportunity to practice a speech he needs to give at work and Ed’s speech ended on an x-rated cliff hanger (the less said about that the better!).

Doron’s timekeeping reports included insightful summaries of everyone’s speeches; the reports were like bite size evaluations. The evening’s evaluations reminded us that speeches are made better if you don’t sit on the fence – take a bold position. The evaluators also reminded us that describing, defining and building up characters helps engage the audience and that we loose our authoritative voice when we’re self deprecating.

Shane was voted best table topic, Alex best evaluator and Ed’s naughty ending managed to bag him best speaker. But the show really belonged to Bryant who sported a dashing tash for Movember.

And so ended another felicitous evening at Phoenix Speakers and we now look forward to an even more felicitous Christmas meal.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 8th January 2014.