Meeting 25 May 2011

Kindly provided in my absence by VP PR & Events Alex Hood

Toastmaster Shane Snow opened the evening, pondered what topics were up for discussion during the recent meeting of President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron, and introduced the functionaries.

Table Topics Master Kate Profitt led a session based on the tennis.  This was inspired by her recent visit to Roland Garros and meeting Raffa Nadal in her hotel lobby shortly after he had been crowned winner.

Gary – “If you could have something named after you what would it be and why?”

Gilly – her desire for a French accent – “If you could have any accent what would it be?”

Nigel – English people so consistently average at sport because of the weather – “Why are English people so consistently average at sport?”

Erin – rather than going back in time she’d rather go forward in time – “If you could go back in time what period/day would you go back to?”

Simon – yes and no – “Is sexism still rife today?”

Kristie – still trying to succeed at Table Topics – “When have you succeeded against all odds?”

Brad – with his John McEnroe impression – “Have you ever had an uncontrolled outburst?”

Stand-in Sargeant-at-arms Brad Currin introduced four guests.

At Shane’s suggestion our four brave guests then did a mini-Table Topics session themed around meeting Barack Obama and what they would talk about with him.


Dorota Pliszka – “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”

Tom Elliott – “Quitter or Winner?”

Monica Chong – “Dreaming in black and white”

Andrew Smith – “A quiet little Cul-de-sac”

Well done to everyone on a great night!

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