Meeting 27 July 2011

    We had lots of exciting developments at our last meeting in July.

    President Kristie West announced the Charter Party at Goya Tapas Bar & Restaurant to celebrate the official “arrival” of Phoenix Speakers to Toastmasters International!

    To celebrate our new status, all members are forewarned that Table Topics are now no longer voluntary – so tell the Sargeant at Arms if you DON’T want one!  (Guests will still be asked)

    Toastmaster Gary Monk then opened the evening with his theme of Change.

    Our Table Topicsmaster Bryant Yates then took us through 8 brilliant impromtu speeches also based on change:

    • Andy:  why change me?  (no one would).  On internet dating and why he’s too good for anyone
    • Erin:  when change was really hard – isn’t it always?
    • Taylor:  change is thrust upon us – if his house burnt down he would just pop off to Tonga
    • Brad:  updating his wardrobe and his need for a personal shopper
    • Euan:  if he was suddenly made Mayor of London, the first thing he would do would be fine people for being rude to the Big Issue sellers
    • Matt:  motivated by money
    • Camilla:  helpful excuses if you want to get out of doing something

    Our Sergeant at Arms Richard McMurray welcomed our guests Katherine Twist, Daniela Rieck, our newest member Euan Gillis and General Evaluator Tom Weller before Gary Monk closed the first half with a quick-thinking impromptu question for General Evaluator Tom!

    President Kristie West opened the second half with a notice to remind us all to bring our manuals!!  Oh, and pay your dues. And also, check us out on Facebook:

    Prepared Speeches:

    • Dorota Pliska, No 2: The World is NOT About to End
    • Tom Elliott, No 3:  ‘Password’ is Not a Good One
    • Camilla Graham, No 10:  So Much for the Stiff Upper Lip
    • Laura McCracken, Informative Advanced Speech:  The Future of Careers

    Timekeeper:  Ian Baxter

    Grammarian:  Matt Pollard (word of the day: vicarious)


    • Trang Le for Dorota
    • Brad Currin for Tom
    • Kristie West for Camilla
    • Andrew Smith for Laura


    Table Topic:  Euan

    Evaluation:  Kristie

    Prepared Speech:  Camilla

    President’s Award:  Camilla

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