It’s the end of the world as we know it

After the roller-coaster ride that has been the Summer of 2011, our Toastmaster Erin Godbold rounded it all up for us with the theme of It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and we’re feeling fine)!

VPE Brad Currin stood in for President Kristie West with the following announcements:

  • We will have a “catch up” meeting at some point to make up for the meeting lost to the London riots
  • Our Humourous Speech & Table Topics Competition is coming up – on 14 September!!

Unflappable Timekeeper Steve Hayward warned guests that they couldn’t get away with anything – and he was as good as his word (and horn)!

“Euphemism” was Grammarian Andy Smith’s Word of the Day

Our Table Topicsmaster Matt Pollard continued Erin’s theme with 9 impromptu speeches based “your last night on Earth”:

  • Trang:  on her last night on Earth she would eat loads of ice cream – and not share!
  • Camilla:  what smells bring back special memories
  • Tom:  why he does not regret missing out on reality TV
  • Darius:  his ideal alternative career as an ice cream salesman – bringing people a little bit of happiness – though I think he was a bit worried by Trang’s speech!
  • James:  on his last meal ever and cooking for “other purposes”
  • Gwendolyn:  her new programme for compulsory military service for rioters
  • Bryant:  as the Minister of Wellbeing his official policy would be to do as little as possible
  • Dorota:  as the last person on Earth, she could finally get some sleep!
  • Kristie:  tips on talking your way into Heaven

Our Sergeant at Arms Richard McMurray welcomed our guests James, Gwendolyn, Rebecca, Silvia, and General Evaluator Paul.

Prepared Speeches:

  • Euan Gillies, Icebreaker:  “A Man’s a Man For All That”
  • Ian Baxter, No 3:  “The Biggest of Points”
  • Richard McMurray, No 4:  “The Hot Box”
  • Kristie West, No 10:  “Inspirational Speech”


  • Bryant Yates for Euan
  • Laura McCracken for Ian
  • Brad Currin for Richard
  • Camilla Graham for Kristie


Table Topic:  Tom

Evaluation:  Camilla

Prepared Speech:  Kristie

President’s Award:  James

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