Phoenix Speakers – Our Awesome Club!

Dear Phoenix Speakers,

I wanted to take a moment to share a few thoughts with everyone as I look forward to the year ahead as your president.

It was brilliant to catch up with many of you at the meeting last week.  But for those who missed my introduction here it is.

Firstly, a big BIG thank you to Kristie for taking the plunge, starting a new club and nurturing it with the help of the committee and members into a club that we all love.  Phoenix has become a place where we get to enjoy meeting people from very different backgrounds, learning and growing as speakers and leaders.

Secondly, my vision for the club over the next year has two key themes.

Number One: People sitting on the bar.

I would love to see the room so packed (with members and guests) that people have to sit on the bar and the windowsills.  Remember that when you speak you need an audience but that also means that when others speak YOU need to their audience.

So if you are not on the programme make sure you are still at the meeting and fighting for a table topic and learning so much from watching and listening to others.

Number Two:  a slightly stressed VPE.

And before Bryant worries about this, let me explain…  I would love to see Bryant have so many people banging on his door to get on the programme that he has the “stress” of having to say no to some people because the meetings are full.  And if you find yourself in that situation see the last part of Number One above J.

As always the committee want to hear from you too if you have ideas, suggestions or any feedback about the meetings and club.  We are going to be including a few different and exciting meetings to make sure we keep everyone challenged and just that little bit out of your comfort zone.

We have a fantastic club, which is always recognised by guests and external GEs and I feel so strongly that it can be even better.

All the best,

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