Meeting Minutes – 9 July 2014

Wednesday’s meeting started with an introduction from our new President Ed who outlined the purpose of Phoenix Speakers and how we can benefit by being members.

Next up was Jean Philippe, our Toastmaster for the evening.  He set out the structure of the evening and described his role as our host for the evening.  His very first function was to introduce John as the Timekeeper, which he did in the energetic style of his daughter.  John kept time all night and made various reports throughout the night.

Next Jean Philippe introduced our Grammarian for the evening, Beulah.  Beulah explained the role and set our word of the day as ‘prodigious’.

Grant was then introduced as the Topics Master for the first half of the evening.  Grant then set nine table topics on the subject of politics and religion.  These are sometimes controversial subject areas but the members (and two guests) took it in the spiritual intended and gave brilliant, honest responses.

Roland evaluated each topic, which is often a great challenge given the of number of speakers and the fact that they only speak for 90 seconds.  Roland was double hating as out sergeant at arms for the evening, so no longer had he sat down then he was up again to introduce the guests.  We had seven guests including Stephan, our General Evaluator from nearby Cardinals club and George our new Area Governor.  After the guests said hello and told us why there were there, Roland mentioned how easy it is to register to the club mailing list, and to de-register if you wish.

We then had a 15 minutes break and enjoyed some lovely nibbles on the club.

After the break Ed opened the second half.  And Jean Philippe introduced two brilliant pre-prepared speeches.

Tarry was first up with her speech #6 entitled drama, emotions and passions.  She pushed the envelope with her subject matter and most of the content of her speech cannot be reproduced here!  Everyone really enjoyed the speech and there was no shortage of laughter.

Former president Bryant was next up with an advanced speech.  Proving that you can do a speech about anything, Bryant gave a speech about men’s underwear.  His talk gave a number of harrowing facts including the fact that 6% of men are happy wearing unwashed underwear 3 days in a row!

We then had a special president’s speech where Ed outlined what the club can offer a new member.  These benefits include providing a mentor/club-buddy to help with guidance at both beginner, intermediate and advance level.  He also introduced the new committee to members and guests and said that they are there to help (and do all the admin in the background).  Ed also stressed that the club does not overly force process on its members.  He also challenged us all to visit other clubs and act as general evaluators elsewhere.  Finally he finished by reiterating Phoenix Speakers’ personality as a festive & enjoyable club.

George then gave a speech to introduce himself to the club since he is our new Area Governor – a role he has had for eight days!  He explained his role for the next 12-months and how he is there to help the committee to help the members.

Isabel and Trang then gave insightful  evaluations of the speeches by Tarry and Bryant respectively.  And Beulah gave her Grammarian’s report, lamenting too few mentions of our word of the day.  Then Stephan, our General Evaluator from cardinals, gave his evaluation of all of those who hadn’t been evaluated.

Ed closed out by presenting the prizes.  Congratulations to Roland, Tarry and Isabel!  Finally it was ‘To The Bar’…..

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