Meeting Minutes 25th February 2015

Last Wednesday was our fourth meeting of 2015, the fourth meeting in our new location at the Windsor Castle, and the third configuration of the room layout!  (Personally I think we should keep changing it around.)   We had 22 attendees, including 3 guests.

President Ed then kicked off the evening stating that he aimed to reduce use of his crux word ‘so’.  He explained the concept and aims of toastmasters for the benefit of new members and guests, and in doing so said ‘so’ about three or four times. 

Shane was our toastmaster for the evening.  He briefly explained his role as the person who runs and coordinates the meeting and he set the theme of the evening as humour.  He started us off with a couple of jokes about zebra crossings.

Shane’s first act was to introduce Katy as our timekeeper for the evening.  Katy explained the timekeeper’s role.  Katy is a brand new member and this was her first time acting as a functionary for the meeting, so well done to her – timekeeper is a great starting role for a new member.

 Shane next introduced our Grammarian for the evening, our immediate past president Bryant.  He explained the role and set “luddite” as the word of the day.

Jean Philippe was next up on stage as our topics master for the evening.  Jean Philippe themed his topics around alcohol, women and fast cars.  JP did a brilliant job as topics master because he managed to squeeze in 9 topics which is a great achievement.

 Katy returned to the stage after the topics and gave her first timekeepers report of the evening whilst we voted for our favourite topic.  Isabel then came to stage and provided insightful evaluations of all nine table topic speakers as well as highlighting some common themes which she saw throughout such as people’s use of the stage.

 Our Sergeant At Arms Elaine then invited our three guests onto the stage.  She asked each guest to introduce themselves and asked them each to tell us their favourite food.  Michael (Thai & Burgers), Tanya (all variety) and Guy (Falafels, preferably northern Israeli) thank-you for joining us and we hope to see you again!

 Totastmaster Shane then returned to the stage and set Grant his Phoenix Challenge to write a speech for delivery later that evening entitled “In Lent We’re Going To Abstain From…”.  From here on these notes might get a little patchy/inaccurate since the writer wasn’t really listening properly…

 After a 15 minute drink and snacks break Ed introduced the second half with announcements about the competition night on 25 March:

·         Please contact Elaine if your are interested in giving a speech or an evaluation. 

·         We also need people to fill functionary roles.

·         Guests are welcome as usual.

Ed also reminded us that membership fees are due for the second half of the Toastmaster’s year (Apr-Sept) by the end of March.

 Shane returned to stage and introduced the three prepared speeches for the evening.

 The first speech was speech #6 from Roland entitled ‘A Slice Of Honour’.  Grant then gave his Phoenix Challenge speech which has had been given the title to at the end of the first half of the evening.  Finally Simon gave us an advanced speech on why we should exercise our democratic right to vote.

 Following the timekeepers report, VanZyl evaluated Roland’s speech.  Well done to VanZyl who was giving his first evaluation.  Victoria then evaluated Grant’s Phoenix Challenge which is tricky to do since there are no speech objectives.  Finally it was nice to welcome back Alexis who we haven’t seen for a while.  She evaluated Simon’s advanced speech.

 These evaluations were followed again by another timekeeper’s report.  Bryant then gave his Grammarian report and reflected on a lot of filler words such as ‘ums’ and ‘ars’ being used.

 Sadly our GE for the evening was sick so there was no general evaluation (get well soon Richard).  Instead Isabel came on to stage and gave a short thank-you speech on behalf of her and all members to our president Ed for his great efforts in finding Phoenix a new home and keeping the club afloat.  Well done Ed!

 Shane then closed out as toastmaster and it was left to Ed to hand out the evening’s prizes.  Well done to Roland (best speech), Georgie (best table topic) and Alexis (best evaluation).  Ed then wrapped up in traditional style by ordering us all to the bar.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 11 March at 7pm.  Hope to see you then.

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