Meeting Notes – May 29th 2015

Wednesday saw another fun evening in the Windsor castle.  23 people were in attendance including 7 guests.

President Ed opened the evening by asking the question ‘what are we all doing here?’  He then answered by explaining the purpose of Toastmasters and how our club is one of roughly 16,000 worldwide. He also showed off our brand new banner from Toastmasters International celebrating 5 new members in February and March!

Grant was our toastmaster for the evening.  He explained the structure of the evening and his role in coordinating the meeting.  Given that we were going to elect the new committee later that evening, and since the UK had a general election earlier in the month, he set politics as the theme of the evening.

Grant’s first act was to introduce Ana onto the stage as our timekeeper for the evening.  After she explained her role Grant invited David to the stage to explain his role as grammarian for the evening.  David explained that he planned to be pernickety regarding use of good language and he set “mirthful” as the word of the day.

Mike was next on stage as our topics master for the evening.  Mike followed the theme of the evening by using political interview questions as the prompt for his table topics – well done for tailoring your topics to the theme of the evening Mike!  In order to create time for the committee election later in the evening, we limited this session to seven topics.

Ana returned to the stage after the topics and gave her first timekeeper’s report of the evening while we voted for our favourite topic.  Multiple award winning evaluator Simon then came to stage and provided insightful evaluations of all seven table topic speakers using the commend-recommend-commend structure.

In her last evening as Sergeant At Arms, Elaine then invited our seven guests onto the stage.  She asked each guest to introduce themselves and, again following the theme of the evening, asked them to tell us a political leader they found inspirational.  Chee-Wong (GE), Katja (Guest Speaker), Anja, Chinkin, Francis, Anusha and Chris, thank-you for joining us and we hope to see you again (and apologies if I spelled any of those names wrong)!

Toastmaster Grant then returned to the stage and closed out the first half of the meeting.

After a 15 minute drink and snacks break Ed introduced the second half with announcements:

  • A reminder to all members to charge drink and food downstairs to the Toastmasters tab, and then pay by putting the cash in the pot upstairs.  This will enable the pub to better see the amount we spend each night.
  • Our next meeting on 10 June will be a back-to-front meeting, please contact Beulah if interested in doing a role in this very different meeting.

Our toastmaster Grant returned to stage and introduced the four prepared speeches for the evening.

The first speech was an icebreaker from VanZyl entitled ‘The Wild Child’ where he introduced himself to the club and told us about his aim to develop as a fully functioning human being!  This was followed by another icebreaker from Ian entitled ‘democracy and deceit’, following the political theme, where he told us about not taking trust for granted.  Well done to VanZyl and Ian for opening their accounts at Phoenix!

Isabel’s number 10 speech followed entitled ‘A lifetime to achieve’, she told us about being driven to keep up with a sibling and the challenges she has faced.  Well done to Isabel for completing her competent communicator manual!  The final speech was a guest speech from Katja from the London Olympians club, entitled ‘Falling into Place’.   Katja stretched herself by giving a speech to a new audience that she is not familiar with – thank-you to Katja for joining us and sharing her flat hunting pains.

Following the timekeepers report, Roland, Buelah, Atul and Ed gave 2-3 minute evaluations of each of the speeches.

These evaluations were followed by Ana’s final timekeeper’s report.  David then gave a lively Grammarian report, dropping a couple of S-bombs, and including a backward reference to the word of the day from the last meeting on the way.

Chee-Wong, from ACCA Members Breakfast Club, then gave his general evaluation of the evening where he evaluated the club and all of those on the programme who hadn’t yet been evaluated.

Grant then closed out a seminal performance as toastmaster and it was left to Ed to hand out the evening’s prizes.  Well done to Marcus (best table topic), Atul (best evaluation) and Isabel (best speech).  Ribbons were also handed out for completing icebreakers and speech #10.

Then before finishing, we elected the committee for the 2015/16 year:

  • President – Isabel
  • VP –Education – Shane
  • VP Membership – Beulah
  • VP PR & Events – tbc
  • Club Secretary – Ana
  • Treasurer – Grant
  • Sergeant at Arms – Azar and Tanya
  • Webmaster – Mike


Ed then finished in traditional style by ordering us all to the bar.

The next meeting is at 7pm on Wednesday June 10th.

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