Meeting Notes – 24 June 2015

Isabel, the current VPE, and soon to be President,was acting president for the evening.  She started the meeting explaining the benefits of taking part in toastmasters.  She referred to the past back to from meeting of 10 June (which I sadly missed) and thanked Beulah for organizing that meeting, handing her a nice bunch of flowers.

Beulah was the toastmaster for the evening and started explaining her role and the structure of the meeting.  She also gave the subjects for the 2 courageous members that accepted the Phoenix challenge (Roland and myself :)).

Beulah then called on stage the timekeeper for the evening, Richard, who explained the timekeeper role.  Next Beulah introduced the grammarian for the evening, Mike, who explained the grammarian role and gave the word of the day “sagacious”.

Next, Beulah introduced the topics master for the evening, Georgie, who ran the impromptu speeches session with the subject of family.  After that Richard gave the timekeeper’s report.  The difficult task of evaluating the speakers was carried out by Azar, who was the table topics evaluator.

To end the first part of the evening the sergeant at arms, Rolan, was invited to the stage to properly greet the 6 guests of the evening, which had to introduce themselves.

After the break Isabel made some announcements.   She informed that there was going to be a Phoenix picnic at Regents Park on 1 August and encouraged all members to attend.  She also spoke about the impending change of the committee.

Next, Beulah came back on stage to start the prepared speeches section.  Elaine was first, with a #3 speech criticising the excessive importance we place on external appearance.  Ana (myself) came next with a phoenix challenge on the subject of a family holiday in which she recalled the last visit her parents made to London.  Roland was the next phoenix challenge, and he gave us some tips on relocation to a new country. The last prepared speech of the evening was a #10 speech by Jean Philip, with the inspiring title “I had a dream”.  After that Richard was invited to the stage to give the timekeeper’s report.

As usual, after the speeches came an evaluation session.  Katy evaluated Elaine, VanZyl evaluated Ana, Marcus evaluated Roland and Shane evaluated Jean Philip.

Next, Beulah invited Richard to give the last timekeeper report of the evening.  After that she invited Mike to give the grammarian’s report.  Many people used the word of the day.

After that, Beulah invited Mark, the general evaluator for the evening, who evaluated every person that had not been already evaluated.

To end the evening, Beulah handed over to Isabel, who closed the meeting by providing the ribbons of the evening. Well done to Shane for being the best table topic speaker and the best evaluator of the evening, to Roland for best speaker and to Jean Philip for achieving the Competent Communicator award!

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