Meeting Notes – 8 July 2015

The meeting was less attended due to an underground strike, but it was a fun meeting as usual.

Ed opened his last meeting as president and thanked the outgoing committee members for their work during the past year.  From now on he expects to enjoy the meetings in a more relaxed fashion without all the responsibilities attached to presidency.  He then handed over to Isabel, which is the new president and was also the toastmaster for the night.

Isabel announced the theme of the night: summer reads!  In her view summer reads should be light and trashy and she is looking forward to enjoy “Riders” during her holidays.  Some members were told off for choosing more highbrow reading like biographies or the toastmaster magazine.

Isabel then introduced the timekeeper for the evening, Tania, who took the stage to explain the timekeeper’s role.  After that the grammarian, VanZyl, took the stage to explain the grammarian’s role and announce the work of the evening “swank”.

Next came the impromptu speeches session, led by Grant, who was the topics master for the evening.  Somehow related to the general theme of the evening, the subject was summer holidays.  A number of brave members and guests told us about their summer holiday experiences.  When the topics session was over Isabel gave the stage to Tanya to give the first timekeeper’s report of the night.

Ed was the topics evaluator and he evaluated all the speakers at the topics session.

Next Isabel invited the Sargeant at arms to welcome the three guests of the night, who in the usual Phoenix fashion were invited to the stage and asked to introduce themselves.

Isabel then announced the end of the first part of meeting.

After the break, Ed spoke about the Phoenix picnic of 1 August and encouraged everyone to attend.

Ed then handed the control back to Isabel, who introduced the prepared speeches section of the evening.

The first prepared speech of the night was a #2 speech by Bettina, titled “my fear of public speaking”.  The second speech was a #6 speech by Ana titled “don’t let them win”.  The third and last prepared speech was a #7 speech by Roland, titled “Greek drama”.

After the speeches Isabel invited back Tanya to give the second timekeeper’s report of the evening.

Next Isabel introduced the speech evaluation section.  Katy evaluated Bettina, Charlotte evaluated Ana and Beulah evaluated Roland.

After the evaluations, Tanya was invited to the stage again to give the last timekeeper’s report of the evening.

Next, Isabel invited VanZyl to give the grammarian’s report.  Well done Isabel for using the word of the day!

There was no general evaluator that evening.

Well done to Georgie for the best table topic speech, to Beulah for the best evaluator and to Betina for the best prepared speech!

That is all for now but you can look forward to the next meeting on 22 July at 7 pm!

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