Meeting Notes – 14th October 2015

The 14 October meeting was our first meeting at the gorgeous new venue, the Grange Wellington Hotel.

Isabel, our president, opened the meeting with an appreciation of the new venue, the result of her hard work searching for suitable venues after our departure from the Windsor Castle.

Isabel then handed over to the toastmaster of the night, Elaine.  The theme of the evening was “treats and tricks for public speaking”.

Trang Lee was the timekeeper of the night.

Shane was the grammarian of the night.  The word of the day was ABSTRUSE, which means being convoluted, difficult to understand.

Georgie was the table topics master and Azar was the topics evaluator.

Azar was also the Sergeant at Arms, and welcomed the guests in usual Phoenix fashion.  We had 8 guests in total.

In the second half of the meeting, we had 3 prepared speeches:

  • Tanya, with speech #2, on Happiness
  • Roland, with speech #9 titled “detoxifying income guaranty”
  • Atul, with an advanced speech titled “why why why”

We also had a Phoenix challenge, and the challenged member was Ana, who had to speak about leadership.

The speech evaluators of the night were:

  • Grant evaluating Tanya
  • Vanzyl evaluating Roland
  • Caroline evaluating Atul
  • Trang Lee evaluating Ana

Next, we had the visiting general evaluator of the night, Andrew, who evaluated everyone and everything not previously evaluated, including the venue.

Our toastmaster of the night, Elaine finally handed the meeting over to the President, Isabel, who presented the awards of the night.  Well done to the winners of the night, who were:

  • Best table topics: a guest
  • Best evaluator:  Grant
  • Best speaker: Atul

Finally Isabel closed the meeting and everyone was free to go to the bar.

Next meeting is on 28 October.

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