The Three Pillars and Why me?

Trang Le, the President of the Phoenix, opened the meeting with an inspiring story from an amateur marathon runner in the Boston Marathon last month. She was a writer, a promoter and a social activist who said: ‘After months of training and preparation, I achieved what I set out to do. However, the hardest part is not the long training hours, not the weather or the hardship. It was the short distance between her bed and the door to go to the training every single morning regardless of the weather.’ Taking inspiration from this, Trang urged the guests to take that first step standing in front of the audience because everything else will be easier after that.

Shane Snow, the Toastmaster, led the meeting with enthusiasm and energy.

Bryan, the Topic Master, asked members and guests a series of questions about holiday destinations around the UK. It was to prepare for a trip with his parents in the coming months. At least a few guests gave a go in this session. Surprisingly, the best table topic award went to George who answered the question about Lake District with his genius idea of the lake itself. This was only his 2nd visit to the club.

In the 2nd half of the meeting, Jeremy started with his number 2 speech, titled ‘The Three Pillars’. With his fair share of research into self-help topics, he presented his ideas for a happy life. They are: to seek meaning at work with people he gets on with, to stay healthy through exercising and dieting; and most importantly, to build loving relationships with family members, friends, and partners. It was filled with personal stories from his life. Followed up with it was Roland, who bravely stepped in at the very last minute to tackle a Phoenix Challenge. He was given a topic about why should anyone be led by him. The future president of Phoenix Speakers did well in a short period of time by citing at least 5 amazing qualities that he has.

Mohammed, a guest from another toastmaster club finished off the meeting with a thorough and insightful evaluation.

Until the 9 May 2018.

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