Flu jab, Blue whale, and How to be yourself.

After the Royal Wedding in the UK the previous week, Trang, the President spoke about the meeting between the leaders from North Korea, South Korea, and the USA. Taking inspiration from the multilateral negotiation, apparently, communication skills are vital not only in political context but also in normal daily lives. Trang urged members and guests to keep on improving their skills at Phoenix Speakers.

Mike opened the meeting with a series of questions about what is the best, what’s worst, your favorite thing, etc. Members and guests enjoyed themselves in this session. Robert talked passionately about the blue whale, a creature he considered wonderful and mysterious. Xavier’s favorite film of all time is the Gladiator starring Russel Crowe. He thought that it was an incredible character with strong determination and a hero. Georgie chose her favorite song: I want you – Bob Dylan that she practiced in her piano classes. For Bryan, the most impactful events in the 20th century were the abolishment of Apartheid and the release of Nelson Mandela. Jorge, a guest talked convincingly about the pragmatism of the Netherlands, which he liked very much. The best table topic speaker award went to Jeremy who chose a surprisingly simple medical invention as his favorite one, the flu jab.

In the 2nd half of the meeting, Rupert started his toastmaster journey with his Ice Breaker speech titled How to be myself. He bravely revealed the journey that he has been through. When he was young, he was ambitious yet incredibly shy. The shyness did not go away in his teenage years. Luckily he met an amazing therapist who helped him tremendously through his life. Now he runs a successful business with a wonderful family. Drawing from his experience, for him, true happiness is in the journey. Rupert looks forward to more fascinating experiences that life has to offer. Followed up was a lovely wedding speech from Georgie. The audience was entertained with all the adventures and mishaps that Georgie shared with her life-long friend Snee (her nickname)

Despite doing the evaluation for the first time, Robert won the best evaluator award with his passionate and insightful observations on Georgie’s speech.

See you at the next meeting, Wednesday 13 June 2018

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