Drama, Philosophy and Commitment

Roland, in his role as President, opened the meeting by reporting on the progress with the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest to be held during the next meeting and appealed to the members to fill open positions. In his role as a Table Topics Master, he presented a randomly chosen selection of topics that allowed the speakers to shine in their own way.

Roscoe remembered what brought him in trouble most in past times and described himself as a youngster with baggy trousers and wild hair. Emilia talked about dangerous things, which soon brought her to Brexit. Aaron gave examples about wacky things done by his family members. Ana philosophised on the question: Boxers, briefs or nothing at all. Emily remembered her favourite movie as a child while Brad preferred to meet his grandparents rather than his grandchildren.  Kess would rather spend a week in the future than a week in the past. Shimi dealt with a habit she would kick and Jeremy told us about his preferred sporting event.

Trang, the Toastmaster of the Day chose objects that we would miss most as topic of the day.

Brad, opened a speech on “Keeping the Commitment” by telling us that he missed out on a memorable celebration in order to come to the club and deliver this speech. He reminded us that Toastmasters do not only learn speaking. They also learn improvising, thinking on their feet, dealing with people and managing events. Roscoe philosophised about the for cardinal virtues: Prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. He mentioned that they were already quoted by Aristotle, that prudence rather means being rational than being very cautions and that fortitude relates to having guts. Shimi sparkled in an advanced storytelling speech entitled: The Scent of a Woman. This is a 1992 film starring Al Pacino – a prep school drama about suicide, betrayal, and honour – all brought to live by Shimi.

Emily McQuillen from MLP Speakers provided a thorough and thoughtful evaluation that balanced commendations and recommendations.

Members and guests were last seen at the bar.

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