Identity and extreme sport

Jeremy was the Toastmaster of the Day – a Master of Ceremonies who steered the meeting with style. The small but very vivid crowd was challenged by Josh, the Table Topics Master, with topics related to extreme sport.

During the second half, Saloomeh, a guest speaker, made us chuckle about her problems with describing her national identity. She once told a taxi driver that she is Iranian, but he replied that she sounds much too English for that. In another encounter she called herself English only to be told that she sounds much to foreign for that. Calling herself Iranian-English evoked the suggestion that English-Iranian would be more appropriate. Fortunately, she does not have any problems with the issue herself.

Shane and Brad provided a joint speech – a type of presentation that is completely new. Both sat in panel-discussion-style on chairs that had been arranged in front of the meeting room. Brad started by emphasising the benefits of team sport – and that it is part of human nature to get together and compete. He was followed by Shane, who disagreed and found individual sport much more relevant. People can do it whenever they have time, without arrangement to get a whole team together – and that keeps them from getting fat. Going to the very edge of one’s very edge of physical ability is also fun – think of the big smiles you see when people win a Marathon.

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