Dazzling Variety Before Christmas

The meeting on 14 November was opened by the President, Roland, who welcomed members and guests and announced that Phoenix Speakers will move to another venue. Starting 9 Jan 2019, it will convene at the Department for Transport, 33 Horseferry Road. That will mean new, interesting guests and members from the department and much lower membership fees (£91 for a full year).

Shane, the Toastmaster of the Day, provided some background on the Toastmasters organisation and the personal experience of being a Toastmaster before guiding the meeting with style and flourish along its course.

During the Table Topics session, Trang introduced a new Table Topics format by using the end of the previous speech to make up the topic for the next speech. She did that fast and seemingly without effort, so that the session acquired a very dynamic character and covered a variety of topics. Scott, a guest, remembered being called up to the headmaster in his school days – that he worried about what would happen  – only to be told that he had been selected for an elite school. Roland remembered his early school days as having been member of various science fiction clubs that had formed among his friends at school and about igniting small rockets. Bryan talked about whom to take on a space ship trip. Damian, a guest and Shane’s son, talked about football and how he finds relaxation in sport. Shane, Damian’s father, talked about running and how he finds relaxation in sport. Alex, a guest, remembered her shy days in school in a confident presentation that showed that she had overcome that problem. Iannis, a guest, elaborated calmly on the many skills one can learn and Brad gave examples from his own live to show that one can turn failure into success.

In the prepared speech session, Brian talked about “Tailoring your communication”. People have different communication styles. Some are controllers who want to stay on top at any cost. They might even turn down your ideas only to use them later for their own purposes. That can be annoying. But it can also be used to “seed” them with ideas – which they will try to use to their own advantage – and do what you actually wanted them to do. That is communication at top level.

Brad presented a fact finding report on cholesterol. Right after a milestone birthday (we keep that number  confidential), he had a routine health check and got an immediate prescription of heavy medication. Naturally, he queried that and that led to his presentation on HDL (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol) and LDL (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) and many other things. Even without the heavy medication prescribed, he seemed very much alive.

By general vote, Brad was chosen as the best table topics speaker and Ana was chosen as the best Evaluator.

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Halloween and Sleeplessness

The meeting was opened by Roland, the president, who introduced the new Phoenix Mentor scheme. Every Phoenix member who wants a mentor can now get a mentor. Five volunteer mentors are already available for the scheme.

Then things got scary. Mike, the Table Topics Master challenged members and guests with topics concerning Halloween, fear and horror. Roland described an old version of Dracula as his favourite horror movie. Trang remembered a film in which somebody got his head cut off under water. This put her clan off other horror movies and monsters. Ged described how he got a magic box in the mail. It moved! He took his Stanley knife and opened it very carefully, expecting something dangerous – only to find out that it was a little kitten. Emilio used his detective skills to discover whether a voice that pretended to be his friend really belonged to his friend – and found out it did not. Robert was haunted by a piano that played boogie-woogie fast. Really fast. Frightening fast. The fastest ever. And Nuala remembered suffering from fear of success, which was discovered or induced by her personal trainer.

In the prepared speeches session, Trang described her epic rivalry with hers sister. It started in early school times and escalated to fights for parents attention, school achievements, popularity among boys and academic success. However, as time went on, they discovered that they also love each other and miss each other.

Roland recommended switching the home language regularly to keep the mind fit and the life interesting. He remembered his language lessons in school rather as a chore, but got fun out of living in various countries and switching his home language according to the needs of his family.

Lucia found that masks do not work. No, she does not want to hide, she just wants to sleep and the morning light wakes her up. But masks are too uncomfortable. And it is hard to get the right blinds for blissful darkness. Her solution: A long sock drawn over the eyes. That works well, but causes occasional problems in relationships, which she described with Italian flourish.

Ged got was chosen as the best speaker, Shane was the best evaluator and Lucia was first among the speakers.




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Identity and extreme sport

Jeremy was the Toastmaster of the Day – a Master of Ceremonies who steered the meeting with style. The small but very vivid crowd was challenged by Josh, the Table Topics Master, with topics related to extreme sport.

During the second half, Saloomeh, a guest speaker, made us chuckle about her problems with describing her national identity. She once told a taxi driver that she is Iranian, but he replied that she sounds much too English for that. In another encounter she called herself English only to be told that she sounds much to foreign for that. Calling herself Iranian-English evoked the suggestion that English-Iranian would be more appropriate. Fortunately, she does not have any problems with the issue herself.

Shane and Brad provided a joint speech – a type of presentation that is completely new. Both sat in panel-discussion-style on chairs that had been arranged in front of the meeting room. Brad started by emphasising the benefits of team sport – and that it is part of human nature to get together and compete. He was followed by Shane, who disagreed and found individual sport much more relevant. People can do it whenever they have time, without arrangement to get a whole team together – and that keeps them from getting fat. Going to the very edge of one’s very edge of physical ability is also fun – think of the big smiles you see when people win a Marathon.

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