How to join

You are welcome to visit our club as a guest as many times as you like but you will need to join to get the full benefits from Phoenix Speakers.

The benefits of joining Phoenix Speakers

  • Becoming confident talking in public is all about regular practice. At Phoenix Speakers our members get to practice public speaking twice a month in a supportive environment, everyone gets constructive feedback and, most importantly, we have fun.
  • We are a sociable club – we always go for a drink after the meetings and hold social events. This gives you the chance to get peer support, make friends and feel encouraged.
  • Our members say their overall level of confidence and self-belief has increased. There is no price you can put on this and it helps in all aspects of your life including at work and at home.

As a member you also get to enjoy the benefits of being part of Toastmasters International including:

  • Regular public speaking workshops and events in London
  • Receiving a monthly Toastmaster International magazine giving you top tips and encouragement
  • An international community – a perfect way of filling your evening when on a business trip

Membership fee

  • 6 months – £45
  • 12 months – £90
  • New members: There is an additional one off £15 joining fee.

Membership is paid in March and September. If you join in a different month, membership is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Professional companies often charge over £400 for a one day workshop and this gives limited opportunities to practice. Phoenix Speakers costs £9 per month, not bad for all the benefits you get to enjoy!

How to join or find out more

Simply send us an email (at saying you’d like to join or find out more information and we’ll get back to you or just come along to our next meeting (see details in the Where and When panels).

Please note Toastmasters is a not for profit organisation for the purpose of promoting communication. As a member of Toastmasters international any Pheonix Speakers charges are only used for educational and administrative materials for club members.